Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about their time spent on one of our workshops or tours.

We had an outstanding trip. Kevin was technically knowledgeable and very helpful in the field. Now long after the workshop we are friends and he is always available to answer my questions.
— Eric D.
“This is an easy recommendation to provide. I have attended a number of photography based learning seminars and workshops host by Kevin and the Lounge. I was pleased with the results and appreciated the organization of all of the events. Kevin knows photography. He is very personable, easy to communicate with and always ready to share his knowledge and skill.”
— Roy R.
“What sets this workshop apart from the other “rockstar workshops” was the depth and relevance of the information covered, the willingness to share knowledge and the interactive methodology.
— Jay T.
On these trips I’ve been too hot, too cold, wet, muddy, dusty... but I’ve always been well taken care of, and got the photos I wanted. Great experiences all around!
— Gary S.
I have now enjoyed 2 tours with K2 and K1 and Len Sylvester respectively and can attest both to their photographic skills and just being good guys. I particularly relished the post field time they dedicated to boosting my editing skills in the various software that is available to us. I went home from the tours with a better appreciation of image taking and image editing. I am ready for my next tour with North of 49.
— Marty P.
I signed up for a couple of the Raptor in Flight workshops with Chris, who was really inspirational, creative, and made me think much more about my photographic composition. He is very knowledgeable about his subjects (raptors in this case) and his passion for photography is infectious. I had a great time working with him and looking forward to the Canadian Common Loon and Algonquin Photo Workshop this coming June
— Ricky L.
I enjoyed it very much and your hospitality as well looking forward to others in the future!
— Amber P.
Taking a photography workshop with Chris Pepper means that you have not only expert instruction, but a personalized experience that yields great results. Chris looks forward to supporting you through learning new techniques and improving practice. I plan to continue learning by taking his workshops in the future. Thanks for a great experience Chris.
— Laurie M
I thought he was just kidding, but Kevin actually brought a telephoto lens for me to use on our workshop. It saved me so much money in rental fees. No instructor has ever let me use their gear before, let alone bring me a $2000 lens for me to use all week.
— Allan Z.
From Whitehorse city we explored this spectacularly beautiful region of Northern Canada which was remote, rustic and wild.

Weather was against us but nevertheless we were expertly led from the Desert to the Arctic Circle by Kevin Allen Pepper and Len Silvester who were fabulous guides and incredibly fun travelling companions. Thank you for all you did.
— Clara D
We registered without knowing anything about Kevin, but the trip sounded so wonderful. Now we are glad we did. Lots of shooting time, some good quality one on one editing time and new friendships created
— Alison B.
Thanks Kevin. It was a great experience. Thanks so much for your hospitality. I’m definitely interested in more.
— Nando T.
Kevin is a talented photographer, a creative artist with light and colour, personable and understands what is required. His abilities go well beyond the image, he is a great teacher as well. He can work with his computer to make a good image great. You can tell he loves the profession and the people he works with. I recommend him highly.
— Gary S.
The locations shared by Kevin and his instructors, along with their technical knowledge of how to shoot in many different situation, and the rare ability to share that knowledge make these workshops snap. If you are interested in improving your technical skills with your camera or stretching the artist inside if you, you will always come away with something new after a day with Kevin’s group
— Clark L.
The week far exceeded my expectations! The small number of participants really allows for one on one coaching opportunities. It’s really great learning from down to earth experts in photography. I’m just thrilled to have come home with so many photos I’m really proud of.
— Martina S.
I was fortunate enough to recently attend a Raptors In Flight workshop at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy that was organized and run by Chris Pepper. Chris was very welcoming and helpful before, during, and after the workshop. Prior to the event we received an email that included many useful suggestions covering camera settings (mode, shutter speeds, apertures, ISOs etc,) to help make our outing a successful one. During the photo shoot Chris was always close by to answer questions and offer ideas to the group. His passion and enthusiasm for photography was apparent immediately. Chris’ easy going and unassuming manner along with his professional and instructive approach made the workshop one I truly valued, enjoyed, and will always remember. The next day, Chris sent out a follow up message thanking everyone who attended the workshop and encouraged us to share and post our raptor photos. It was an absolutely wonderful photo and learning experience. I highly recommend any workshop that Chris organizes and presents.
— Dave M.
Kevin (K2) promised me an awesome trip up to Canada’s north... but i had no idea i would be that amazed by the beauty of the landscapes and northern lights. Thanks to Kevin and his teaching, i came home with images i was proud of.
— David L.
I enjoyed it very much - great company, amazing Lake Salerno and the loon experience was top notch with Kevin and Chris
— Janice L