This page will give travelers all the information they need to prepare themselves for their trip to Canada. If you have any further questions after going through this page. please visit our CONTACT US page and email us with your questions.

Canadian Airlines that service International Travelers and Domestic Travelers

We have a few Canadian Airlines that will bring you to Canada. Both of these airlines have International Partners. You can find more information on the links below to find the airline, and route of your choice.

Air Canada -

To see a list of Air Canada's partners, please visit this page,

WestJet -

To see a list of Westjets partners, please visit this page,

Porter Airlines -

To see a list of Porters partners, please visit this page,

VISA Requirements to visit Canada

Citizens of certain countries and territories need a visa to visit or transit Canada. Please note: If you hold an alien's passport or you are stateless, you need a visa to visit or transit in Canada. To find out if you need a VISA to visit Canada, please visit this page

Inoculation Requirements to visit Canada

When traveling, you may be at risk for a number of vaccine preventable illnesses. Over time, the protection provided through vaccination against many illnesses may decrease. Your risk of getting certain diseases may also increase.

You should consult a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic preferably six weeks before you travel. This provides an opportunity to:

  • review your immunization history
  • make sure you are up-to-date according to your provincial/territorial immunization program
  • discuss any health concerns you may have related to your trip
  • assess your needs based on where you plan to travel and what you plan to do

Additional vaccines may be recommended depending on your age, planned travel activities and local conditions. Remember that preventing disease through vaccination is a lifelong process.

What vaccines may be recommended?

You can find general health information, including what vaccine may be recommended for your trip, by consulting the country travel advice and advisories for your destination(s). 

Your health care provider may recommend that you get vaccinated against one or more of these diseases prior to travel:

Dietary Requirements

Whether your requirements are medical or religious we want to make sure we accommodate your requests. You can request a special meal plan if you contact us ahead of time. We will make sure we accommodate any dietary of religious needs that you may have.

Translation Services

If you are coming from another country and require translation services for you and your groups, we can accommodate you. Please contact us before you book so that we can make sure we can accommodate your needs for a translator on your trip. Contact Us Here.

Languages Spoken in Canada

The majority of the Country speaks English, while there is a portion of the country that speaks fluent French. To understand the language spoken on the trip you are considering, please contact us through our Contact Us Page Here.

Currency Conversion

Our currency is the Canadian dollar. If you want to convert money when traveling to Canada, you can check on the current exchange rate by visiting

All hotels, restaurants and gift shops do accept credit cards from your home country. But it is always best to check with your personal credit card company to ensure that your card is accepted in foreign countries.

Time Zones in Canada

Canada has six time zones, which its provincial and territorial governments regulate. Provincial and territorial governments are also responsible for DST. The following is a link in order to help you understand the time change from your home, to the location in Canada you are traveling too.