New!! Leica 100-400mm F4.0-6.3 pre sale review

Spec review on the new Leica family addition

Leica 100-400

Hello everybody its Chris Pepper offering you a pre sale review of the Leica 100-400F4.0-6.3

The New Leica addition 100-400 F4.0-6.3 early production sample has made its way to Panasonic Canada. This impressive lens is dust and splash proof with an all metal body. The glass construction is made made up of nine diaphragm blades. Compared to competition in its focal length market the weight alone comes in a undemanding 2.1 pounds. Matching this lens to a 4/3rds camera can create a weapon ready to shoot at 200-800mm. Built with its Full/infinity switch your min FULL:1.3m/4.27ft, LIMIT:5.0m/16.4ft meaning photographing images of perching birds or other small subjects could be totally possible at 4 feet @800mm. It comes from the factory with a built in lens hood plus an external longer lens hood to help on those sunny and poor weather days. I find most lenses this size usually have a tripod mount or foot sold as an accessory but Lumix has offered it as an included item. Along with the standard items, Lens cap, Rear lens cap, Lens storage bag and Lens hood. 

New mirrorless technology in the Lumix line up with the GX8 now has high Speed Auto-Focusing with DFD Technology. Panasonic's Depth-From-Defocus (DFD) Auto Focus (AF) technology instantly calculates the distance between foreground and background and quickly brings the subject into focus with one fast, continuous movement. Equipped with fast and Precise AF Tracking with the new AF Tracking algorithm, not only the color but also the size and motion vector of the target are recognized, enabling the camera to lock on the subject even more securely.

If these two can seamlessly work together for wildlife photography applications,  people might just have to jump ship from a competitor into the lumix lineup. Did I mention the total weight of a GX8 and the 100-400 combined weighs in at a back breaking 3.2lbs? Holy my wife reads heavier books then that some days. Photography as a hobby is increasing annually and a large portion of the consumer market is people who are enjoying their retirement. Set ups like this could be a big market player if marketed properly. 

Latest reports say the lens should be available for sale in April with a retail of $2499.99

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Kevin A Pepper

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