Composition Photography Workshops

On our "Beginner Course" workshop you will learn how to develop and enhance your photographic eye and start to create great images rather than just taking snaps. The course will also allow you to get a better understanding about the functions of your camera.

The workshops are aimed at beginners and more advanced hobbyists alike, who are new to their camera or gear (whether a compact or DSLR) or  who are looking for an introduction or refresher in photography. Have you just purchased your first DSLR ? Your first full frame ? Let our professional resource workshop leaders assist you in  reaching a greater comfort level with your new equipment.

Your workshop will begin with a discussion on what makes "Good Composition".

  • Orientation and the rule of thirds
  • Leading lines, curves and S-bends
  • Framing and filling the frame
  • Perspective and depth of field
  • Colour and shapes

This part will be a 30 to 60 minute discussion showing examples of good photographs and photos that could be improved upon

After our discussion we will head out for a two hour photoshoot at a predetermined location so that we can focus on the topic of the day.

At the end of our photo-walk we will gather once again in our meeting room and we will give you an introduction to possible editing techniques of the photos we took while we are together. Our software that we will use to edit are Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom and NIK Software.

You will also receive handouts of photography tips and techniques to take home with you to help your continuing learning easier.

Total workshop time runs between 4 and 5 hours including driving to and from our local destinations.

Instructors will be one of the following teachers: Kevin A. Pepper, Kevin K. Pepper or Chris Pepper.

Below we have outlined when we will be running the 2015 Composition Workshops. If you are interested you should book your spot now as we are limiting the spots on each workshop to a minimum of 5 photographers to a maximum of 15 attendees.

Price for our "2015 Beginner Courses" are $49.00 plus HST

Buy a pack of four for $196 plus HST and get the fifth one free

2015 Workshop Schedule


March Workshop - May 28 - Photographing puppies

From 9 to noon Chris will invite you into his house to photograph the recent litter of five puppies. These puppies will be two and a half weeks old and he will position these puppies against a back drop and teach you how to photograph these adorable dogs.


April Workshop -April 25th - 9-1 How to photography your dog

We will be taking dogs outdoors in park type setting, location TBD . We will be working with fast shutter speeds for dogs running and playing and teach you some tips for portrait photography with natural light.


May Workshop - May 9 - Fifty Point Sunrise

Join us as we head back to one of our favorite sunrise locations on the shores of Lake Ontario, Fifty Point.

On this workshop you will learn how to control your exposures against a rising sun and take long exposures of water along the beach and around the broken down piers.

May Workshop - May 16 - Floral and macro photography

April showers used to bring May flowers. The Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton always have unique and seasonal flowers blooming inside and outside in the vast landscape that the grounds cover.

On this workshop you will learn depth of field, capturing flowers using macro lenses and creating good composition of a flower image.

The cost for the workshop does not cover the fee to enter the facility.


June Workshop - June 20 - Night Sky Photography

Few natural vistas can match the inspirational panorama of the Milky Way - our home galaxy - arching overhead on a cool, clear summer or early-autumn evening. At the Torrance Barrens, the ancient constellations and planets shine forth in majestic profusion. On occasion, the northern lights (aurora borealis) are visible - often as greenish wisps but sometimes as spectacular curtains of colour. In binoculars, rivers of stars that are completely invisible to the naked eye flow into view. Rich star clusters, wispy nebulas, the cloud banks of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn are all visible with a beginner's telescope.

A dark-sky island like the Torrance Barrens is the only place to properly see other galaxies so remote that the light from their stars takes millions of years to reach Earth. Light from these entities is so delicate that complete darkness is necessary to view it in a telescope. The Andromeda Galaxy (two million light-years away) is the nearest galaxy that can be seen from Canada and is faintly visible to the naked eye from the Torrance Barrens

On this workshop we will teach you how to compose an image of a night sky, home to capture stationary constellations or create tar trail photography.

The cost for the workshop does not cover the fee to enter the facility.


July Workshop - July 18 - Perching birds and Osprey

Join us as we go to photograph the returning Osprey as they fly and feed around the ponds near Bloomingdale.

During this workshop you will learn how to compose a better bird of prey image, how to capture motion of flying birds and proper camera settings. We will also photograph the many perched birds around the ponds.


August Workshop - August 15 - Night photography into a sunrise Workshop

If you want to capture the photo of a lifetime you have be there at the best times. The Toronto skyline is one of the most photogenic along the Lake Ontario coastline.

We may be getting up early for this one, but you will be presented with skyline photographic opportunities that range from city lights, to blue hour and into the golden hour.

We will start our on the waterfront and end our time together at the Distillery District in Toronto.

August Workshop #2 - August 22 - Hamilton Waterfalls

If you want to learn how to better capture waterfalls with that silky smooth water while controlling your exposures, this workshop is for you. We will visit a few waterfalls along the escarpment and teach you how to compose better photos, as well as use your camera settings, and filters to create more impactful waterfall images.


September Workshop - September 12 - Golden Hour Workshop

One of my favorite places to photograph is along western shores of Lake Ontario. It is here where you will be presented with a beautiful view of a sunrise over the water. Along the beach you will also see broken down piers, birds and a very photographic shoreline with a mix of sand and pebbles.

Everyone that visits this location wants to return time and time again... and so will you.


October Composition Workshop - October 10 - Fall Colours at Paris Waterfalls

Come to Paris, but this time with fall colours and one of the prettiest waterfalls in the area. This is one of the most unique locations to photograph in South Western Ontario, and when you add in fall colours, its one of the most attractive locations to photograph at this time of year.

We will show you how to use the lines of the waterfall and train bridge to draw the eye into the photo and capture the amazing colours of the scene through the lens. We will also work on dealing with shadows and show you how to properly exposure your photo when there is high contrast in a scene.

October Composition Workshop #2 - October 10 - Rockton Fall Fair

Join us as we head to the fall fair at night and teach you to photograph the streaking lights and midway for a night photo composition class.

You will learn long night exposure photography, how to use ISO to create shorter and more impactful images, how aperture settings effects light at night and how to use your histogram while photographing in the dark,

The cost of the workshop does not cover the entry fee into the fair.


No workshops scheduled yet.


December Composition Workshop - December 12 - Winter Wonderland at Waterloo Park

Like the song says, "Walking in a winter wonderland", and that's exactly what we are going to do. We are headed to Waterloo Park at night to photograph the Christmas light show and the numerous people that go to this location every year.

Learn night photography skills and how to use light to create special Christmas images. We will discuss camera settings, gear and help you get the images you have always wanted to achieve.

To register, please contact us through our contact us page by clicking here. We will register you and put you on our contact list for your workshop(s) that you registered for.