Tax refunds offered to International Photographers booking workshops directly with Northof49Photography

Hey Everyone, its K2 here... I wanted to let everyone know that starting in April of 2016, Tax refunds are now offered to International travelers booking directly with Northof49Photography for your next photography workshop.

So, not only do you get to take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar, you now will get another 5% to 6.5% tax refund by choosing to come to Canada with us.

After you visit our beautiful country, don’t forget to get some of your money back!

As an international tourist or non-resident, you may be eligible for a tax refund on the GST/HST you paid on short-term accommodations and/or camping accommodations included in an eligible tour package that you booked directly with Northof49Photography.

The following are the guidelines that have to be adhered to:

  1. You must spend a minimum of $200 Canadian before taxes on a tour package to be eligible for a tax refund (the cost cannot include property and services included in the tour package that are not subject to tax, such as overseas transportation services).
  2. Non-residents or visitors who wish to claim a refund of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and/or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) cannot receive a refund on goods they exported from Canada.
  3. A refund cannot be claimed without a valid receipt or invoice with the amount of GST/HST paid on the tour package.
  4. You have one year from when the tax was paid (or when the invoice was due, whichever comes first) to file your claim.
  5. You may not claim any purchases made in Duty Free shops.
  6. If you are a foreigner who is currently residing at a Canadian address, you may not claim any tax refunds.
  7. You must be a non-resident of Canada when the rebate is filed.
  8. You did not purchase the eligible tour package for any resale business purposes.
  9. You must provide the rebate application along with a detailed description for the eligible tour package(s), including the number of nights of accommodation in Canada.

Once you pay your final installment, Northof49 will send you the form, along with our invoice to claim your refund. Of the GST/HST paid (13%), a maximum of 50% of the taxes can be claimed.

What are you waiting for, tell all your friends, and lets go shopping for your next photo workshop in Canada!!!

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Kevin A Pepper

Kevin is a photographer and educator based in Waterloo, Ontario. His first love is photographing nature, regardless of the season or weather condition; the Ontario landscape and its wildlife are his inspiration. But you will also see other styles of photography in his portfolio. From street photography to urban exploration of abandoned buildings and architecture, he loves to capture it all with his camera for his corporate clients and his growing personal portfolio. Kevin’s images have been featured in Canadian Nature Photographer, PHOTONews Canada, Photo Technique Magazine, The London Free Press, The Weather Network, and National Geographic Online. His diverse client list includes the City of Cambridge, Olympus, GORE Mutual, TVO, and African Lion Safari. Kevin also operates “Northof49 Photography”, a company launched in 2012 dedicated to teaching amateur photographers through International and Canadian-based workshops. In the coming year, Kevin will be leading workshops in Iceland, Mongolia, Tanzania, Venezuela, Provence, and numerous destinations across Canada. Website: