Top Five Reasons to Travel to the Yukon

I recently read an article on Yukon and it discussed the top five reasons to visit the Yukon... now that I have been here, I can attest to what that article relayed...

The Adventure - One of the best reasons to visit Yukon is to take advantage of the outdoor adventure programs - and there's a lot of it to do!  From hiking, to river tours, flightseeing, dog sledding, canoeing, mountain biking, fishing...the list goes on and on. Yukoners take adventure seriously whether it is winter or summer.

After spending 5 days in the Yukon I can attest that the people are passionate about the land they live in. The outpouring of suggestions of where to go and what to photograph left us with more perfect photo opportunities than we had time to visit.

The Environment - It a big land, the size of California with a small town population of 33,000 people, visitors have room to be themselves. Pristine waters and air will rejuvenate the soul and witnessing wildlife in an endless natural habitat will restore your connection with the natural world.

Talk about God’s Country. This vast untouched land was something like I have never seen… from the western edge of the Alaskan mountains, to so many rivers and lakes… I now know what the definition of God’s Land is.

The History - The Klondike Gold Rush defined Canada in the later 1800's. Today visitors can experience a hike on the Chilkoot Trail, ride a the rails of the historic White Pass and Yukon Route, board a turn of the last century paddle wheel or stroll the streets of Dawson City or Carcross.

We never made it to Dawson City this trip, but we will make the drive next year. I learned so much about the gold rush and the deep rooted history… I definitely want to explore this part of Yukon through the lens next year.

The Culture - Visitors will be able to learn and experience first-hand at festivals, events and tours about the First Peoples of Yukon and their strong link to the land and wildlife.

The locals have such a strong bond to the land and the animals. All living in unison. Did you know that there are more Moose in Yukon than there are humans…

The Aurora - A National Geographic reader survey listed watching the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) as the most natural spiritual attraction to experience in North America. While as common as a sunset for northerners, a spectacular display can pierce city lights and strike everyone with awe.

This was the second trip I took this year where the Aurora was a part of the itinerary… and now that I was blessed enough to see this spectacle in two countries… it is definitely going to be a huge part of our offerings in the rest of 2014 and 2015… Just once in your life you need to experience this natural event in the far reaches of the north, and I would love to be your guide and help you capture this in such a way that it represents what you actually saw while we were on our tour.

I hope you consider joining me on one of my workshops and tours to Northern Canada. In 2016 I will be back in the Yukon and Northwest Territories and back again to the Yukon and Northwest Territories in 2017.

You can see all those workshops on our Canadian Workshop page on our website.


Kevin A Pepper

Kevin is a photographer and educator based in Waterloo, Ontario. His first love is photographing nature, regardless of the season or weather condition; the Ontario landscape and its wildlife are his inspiration. But you will also see other styles of photography in his portfolio. From street photography to urban exploration of abandoned buildings and architecture, he loves to capture it all with his camera for his corporate clients and his growing personal portfolio. Kevin’s images have been featured in Canadian Nature Photographer, PHOTONews Canada, Photo Technique Magazine, The London Free Press, The Weather Network, and National Geographic Online. His diverse client list includes the City of Cambridge, Olympus, GORE Mutual, TVO, and African Lion Safari. Kevin also operates “Northof49 Photography”, a company launched in 2012 dedicated to teaching amateur photographers through International and Canadian-based workshops. In the coming year, Kevin will be leading workshops in Iceland, Mongolia, Tanzania, Venezuela, Provence, and numerous destinations across Canada. Website: