The Awesome Line up of rumored sigma lenses in 2014

Sigma has been launching new lenses some quality lenses over the last year and it appears that they have no plans of letting up either.

To keep up to speed with what is coming, I have been doing some research to see what is being said about the rumored lenses that I have been hearing about. Below you will see a list of 10 Sigma lenses that were rumored to be slated for a 2014 announcement.

The positive is that some of the lenses that made this list have already been announced... serving as hopeful foreshadowing that the rest are to follow

Among the rumored lenses that stood out to me the most was a new Sigma 24-70mm F/2 lens. I would think that this would be sigma’s answer to the wildly popular Tamron 24-70mm, and will definitely kick Nikkor in the pants with their 24-70mm.

Check out the full listing of rumored Sigma lenses below:

Sigma 24-105mm f/4 OS - Since that list was compiled this lens is already launched and in consumers hands.

Sigma 24-70mm f/2 OS HSM

Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 - Since that list was compiled this lens is already launched and in consumers hands.

Sigma 300mm f/2.8 OS

Sigma 400mm f/2.8 OS

Sigma 500mm f/4 OS

Sigma 600mm f/4 OS

Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG OS

Sigma 24mm f/1.4 DG

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 - Since that list was compiled this lens is already launched and ready to be shipped.

These rumored lenses will more than likely be announced at Photokina in the fall of 2014, however, with the sheer amount of lenses, announcements could come at any time.

If you are a Sigma fan like me it looks like it will be an exciting year... and another year with an exclamation point on their commitment to bringing quality lenses to the marketplace.

To see the current line-up of lenses, in the USA please visit, and in Canada, please visit,


Kevin A Pepper

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