Protecting Your Camera Gear This Summer

This week on my blog we are discussing how to take better photos this summer. Today we are discussing how to protect your camera in the elements.

Avoid changing lenses while on the beach - walk off the sand before doing so.

Make sure you have a UV or lens protect filter on your SLR lens to protect the front element from sand and salt spray.

A lens hood offers some additional protection against salt water spray and can eliminate sun glare.

Don't hang your camera around your neck after you've been swimming in the ocean. Salt will still be present on your skin or togs, which can transfer onto your camera.


Kevin A Pepper

Kevin is a photographer and educator based in Waterloo, Ontario. His first love is photographing nature, regardless of the season or weather condition; the Ontario landscape and its wildlife are his inspiration. But you will also see other styles of photography in his portfolio. From street photography to urban exploration of abandoned buildings and architecture, he loves to capture it all with his camera for his corporate clients and his growing personal portfolio. Kevin’s images have been featured in Canadian Nature Photographer, PHOTONews Canada, Photo Technique Magazine, The London Free Press, The Weather Network, and National Geographic Online. His diverse client list includes the City of Cambridge, Olympus, GORE Mutual, TVO, and African Lion Safari. Kevin also operates “Northof49 Photography”, a company launched in 2012 dedicated to teaching amateur photographers through International and Canadian-based workshops. In the coming year, Kevin will be leading workshops in Iceland, Mongolia, Tanzania, Venezuela, Provence, and numerous destinations across Canada. Website: