Lighting and Editing Workshop for Photographers

 Image courtesy of Jay Terry

Image courtesy of Jay Terry

Instructors: Jay Terry

Dates:  April 5 and 6, 2014   /   June 14 and 15, 2014

Location: Waterdown, Ontario

Costs: $149 for both days, $99 for one day

Overview: This workshop is a weekend long workshop that is split up into two different areas. Day one is a dedicated day of training in order to help you get the most out of speed lights and studio lighting equipment. You will learn to skillfully manipulate light and master the art of producing beautiful portraits in different settings and functions.

What you will learn: You will learn how to use hard light, soft light, key light, fill light, kickers and backlights empowering you to be able to create portraits of all styles. Learn how to control contrast, how to separate the foreground and background lighting in a shot, and how to use reflectors in beauty photography.

There is no substitute for a thorough understanding of light and its application when creating portraits in the studio. This workshop in lighting will demonstrate how studio space can be used to give you total control of your environment. The skills and the knowledge you take from this workshop will be equally valid whether you work on location or in the studio.

On day two we will look at the photos that were taken on day one and complete the loop. We will go into the digital darkroom. Jay will take actual photos that were taken on day one and explain the skills and techniques needed to create amazing images that will separate your images from your friends.

The programs that will be used are Photoshop and Nik.

Who should attend? This workshop is recommended for photographers who wish to expand their creative abilities in a studio environment. All participants should know how to use their cameras.

What you will learn at the end of our time together:

You will be shooting portfolio images you can use right away, on your website, in brochures or on your studio walls, and for friends and families walls. The models we use are professionals and will be patient with us because they are also there to help you learn.

You will have a new repertoire of lighting styles and images you can shoot in your own studio spaces and outdoor venues. This will give you the edge over your competition and you will feel more confidence when using flash and studio lights.

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Kevin is a photographer and educator based in Waterloo, Ontario. His first love is photographing nature, regardless of the season or weather condition; the Ontario landscape and its wildlife are his inspiration. But you will also see other styles of photography in his portfolio. From street photography to urban exploration of abandoned buildings and architecture, he loves to capture it all with his camera for his corporate clients and his growing personal portfolio. Kevin’s images have been featured in Canadian Nature Photographer, PHOTONews Canada, Photo Technique Magazine, The London Free Press, The Weather Network, and National Geographic Online. His diverse client list includes the City of Cambridge, Olympus, GORE Mutual, TVO, and African Lion Safari. Kevin also operates “Northof49 Photography”, a company launched in 2012 dedicated to teaching amateur photographers through International and Canadian-based workshops. In the coming year, Kevin will be leading workshops in Iceland, Mongolia, Tanzania, Venezuela, Provence, and numerous destinations across Canada. Website: