Protecting your camera in cold weather conditions

We don’t always shoot indoors in the winter, and this winter from the far stretches of the north, too deep into areas that usually don’t get as cold as it has… well, if you are a photographer, you either hibernate or throw on the winter gear and go outside.

But these temperatures we have been having can wreak havoc on our gear if we are not careful. Its basic knowledge… take a cold object and put it into a warm home, condensation forms on the object. This buildup of moisture can easily rust or mold the internal elements of a digital camera body, a camera lens or a camera flash unit.

When you are out with your camera, try to keep it as warm as you can in cold conditions if you can. Place it under your coat, or cup it inside your hands while wearing thick, insulated gloves. Never let the camera cool completely to the ambient cold air temperature if at all possible.

When the outing is finished, wrap the camera in a plastic food storage bag when preparing to leave the cold environment. Seal the plastic food storage bag so the condensation forms on the interior lining of the bag, not the internal components of the camera, lens or flash unit.

Move to the warm environment. Allow the camera to stay in the plastic bag until it warms to the new surrounding temperature. Remove the camera from the protective cover carefully and look it over and make sure it is dry before turning on the power.

Wipe down the surface of the camera with a microfiber cloth, removing any visible condensation.

Your camera will also have a temperature rating. Before you venture out I would advise that you look at what temperature your camera is rated for. It will be in your manual.

Enjoy your winter shooting my fellow photogs… and if you haven’t had the opportunity to shoot in the snow, book a flight, we would love to have you up here photographing our spectacular wildlife and scenery in the Canadian outdoors.

Happy Shooting

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Kevin A Pepper

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