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The 4-section tripod combines the best performances of their 055 carbon family with lower dimensions. This tripod is compact and light, with the patented Q90° system for quick vertical-horizontal movements.

The legs are also adjustable at four different angles and an integrated leveling bubble is placed on the top plate.

The Q90° column - The ingenious Q90° quick center column system allows the user to move the central column from vertical to horizontal position in just seconds without having to disassemble the column. 

The new ergonomic leg angle selector improves the comfort and the precision in use and the bubble integrated on the magnesium top plate is a real plus to ensure your images are level when taken. As for the durable magnesium top plate, it is designed to maximize lightness and resistance. 

And lastly, the 100% carbon fiber tubes. Manfrotto tubes are made of 100% Carbon Fiber in order to reach high quality standards and high levels of performance, rigidity and lightness. Carbon fiber tubes can be very different in quality, depending on the production process and the percent of carbon fiber material present in the tubes. Manfrotto chose to reach the maximum quality using 100% carbon fiber and the pull winding technology.

Some of the pertinent dimensions and stats are as follows…

Attaches with a 3.8” screw

Leg angles lock at 23, 47, 66 and 89 degrees

Closed length is 21.46 inches

Load capacity of 17.64lbs

Maximum height of 66.93 inches

Maximum height with venter column down is 53.35 inches.

Minimum height of 4.53 inches

Weights 3.75lbs

The new Mag Ball head is arguably the best Manfrotto pro ball head they manufacture that is dedicated to 055 carbon fibre tripods. An extremely precise ball head, providing extra smooth movements thanks to state of the art materials and technology. Innovative and unique features like the exclusive 90°-100° portrait angle selector allows for better camera control for advanced, precise settings. Innovative, compact, ergonomic, powerful and made of lightweight magnesium, it is the ideal tool for durability, high performance and accuracy. The new Q5 Quick Release system is compatible with RC5 standard plates and offers increased ergonomics, speed, reduced weight and accuracy - thanks to 3 leveling bubbles. The Q5 with the sliding plate provides the perfect weight balance for heavy equipment and long lenses.

Some of the pertinent stats on the ball head are as follows:

Lateral tilt from -100 to +40 degree head tilt

Pano rotation of 360 degrees

Plate type is the 501PL

Offers quick release

Load capacity of 26.46lbs

Weights 2.2lbs

In the coming weeks and months i will be using this tripod and ball head, plus a variety of others in some harsh conditions in Iceland, France and the Yukon... the tripods will play a pivotal role as I will be doing some pano photography and lots of low light shooting of the Northern lights. (you can see all these workshops on my Canadian and Global Workshop pages)

Check back often as I will be showing images of the product in use and discussing the pluses and minuses of the products that I use.

Happy Shooting...


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