Sigma officially announces the 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM

Gentec International, the Canadian distributor of Sigma lenses, announces the new 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM zoom lens, the newest addition to Sigma’s Art line of lenses. Designed to address the evolution of DSLR cameras, this full-size, standard zoom lens brings out the full potential of high-resolution sensors, offering the convenience of a wide to mid-telephoto zoom range while delivering superior image quality. The Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM lens has a suggested retail price of $999.95 and will be available for Canon and Sigma in December; Nikon and Sony versions will be available in 2014

A high-peformance standard zoom lens designed  for ultra-high-resolution sensors. Designed to address the evolution of DSLR cameras, this  full-size, standard zoom lens brings out the full potential  of high-resolution sensors, offering the convenience of  a wide to mid-telephoto zoom range while delivering  superior image quality. Ideal for portraits, landscapes,  and general photography.


Aspherical Lens Elements Allows for improved optical performance, a reduced number of component lenses, and a compact, lightweight lens  design. Aspherical lenses provide high-quality, distortion-free images equivalent to those of a single focal length lens.

DG Lens – Optimized for Digital Photography Compatible with the larger image circle of a full-frame DSLR camera, these lenses offer optimum correction of distortion and aberrations common to digital cameras. The advanced optical design eliminates flare and ghosting from the image sensor and improves colour balance. The non-vignetting construction ensures consistent edge-to-edge brightness and sharpness for superior digital image quality.

“F” Low Dispersion (FLD) & Special Low Dispersion Glass (SLD) -Used in conjunction with aspherical lens elements, FLD and SLD glass help minimize colour aberration and produce  sharp, high-quality images.

Hyper-Sonic Motor (HSM) -A motor driven by ultrasonic waves to provides extremely fast, quiet and exceptionally accurate auto focusing.  HSM is supported by Canon, Nikon and Sigma cameras.

Inner Focus System (IF) -To ensure stability in focusing, the inner lens group or groups move without changing the physical length of the lens.  The system incorporates floating elements that substantially improve the close-up capability of the lens.

Multi-Layer Lens Coating -Sigma’s premium multi-coating treatment reduces flare and ghosting and produces an optimum colour balance, improving image  quality throughout the entire zoom range.

Optical Stabilizer System (OS) -This function utilizes a built-in mechanism that compensates for camera shake by moving an optical image stabilizing lens group.

Made in Japan -All Sigma’s manufacturing is carried out under an integrated production system entirely in Japan. Sigma is now one of the very  few manufacturers whose products are solely “made in Japan”, with each product reflecting a combination of expertise, advanced technology, and genuine craftsmanship.



Kevin A Pepper

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