We believe that a successful workshop or photo tour starts with extensive knowledge of the destination we are visiting, and subject matter we will be photographing. Through a mixture of passion for photography and the love of our country, North of 49 Photography was created to show travelers some of the best photographic locations in Canada... our backyard playground and one of the most scenic countries in the world.

What we do is create the itinerary for our workshops and guided tours with our tour operators and destinations. We then travel to these locations on scouting trips to learn the areas and subject matter for ourselves. We then hand pick the photographer and guides to run these workshops or tours based on their area of expertise.

Our instructor to traveler ratio will never exceed seven to one. On each of our trips you will see two names as photo tour leaders. The first instructor is the primary instructor and the second name is the instructor that will be added if we have more than seven travelers scheduled to be in attendance.

This gives you, the photography enthusiast, excellent benefits... a local guide that knows the area and Professional Photographer that is there to answer your photographic questions. 

We also believe that you should have piece of mind when participating on one of our tours and workshops. That is why we have located in Newfoundland and work with a company to handle all your bookings and transactions. This company then works as our liaison while we are out in the field to make sure our time together runs as smoothly as possible.

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Your workshop leaders are listed below.  


Kevin K. Pepper - K1

Owner of North of 49 Photography

Kevin K. Pepper is a self-taught, self-motivated photographer with an appetite to share his experience and knowledge with enthusiasts who seek that incredible photograph. 

Kevin primarily photographs outdoors, focusing on nature, landscapes and lifestyles. He operates from two locations: his residence in Kitchener, Ontario; and his preferred escape deep in the County of Haliburton, located in northern Ontario.

Kevin likes to share his zest for life through the lens of a camera, searching for back-drops of landscape and nature around the globe.  He is passionate about sharing those experiences with photographers who seek the same destination.  You are encouraged and welcome to please join Kevin on his many journeys.

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To see more of Kevin's' work, please visit his website at www.kpepperphotography.com


Chris Pepper

Owner of North of 49 Photography

But but don't let his age fool you. His photography skills are far beyond his years, and his teaching skills are exceptional

Chris Pepper, another member of the Pepper family, is another self-taught photographer in the family. Having a father that shot 35mm film allowed him to develop into a shutter bug at a young age. Chris teaches on average 20+ workshops a year to his clients. His strong areas are wildlife, Black and white, Light painting, longexposure creativity, hdr and basic composition. His well rounded skills allow his clients to learn many different techniques on a workshop.

Spending large amounts of time in the field, Chris provides many product reviews on new gear that is fresh to the market. People trust his word as he constantly pushes equipment to max so that his clients get a real life review. If you have a question about a product he is the guy to ask.  

Being a very approachable person allows Chris to be a workshop leader that makes you feel comfortable to ask any question possible. Having a technical edge and the know how to brake things into terms allows his friends and clients to go home with the shot that they want or never thought they could take.

Chris can be found out in the bush or along the river’s edge photographing wildlife and nature, but what impresses us about Chris is that he challenges himself daily to be creative in all styles of photography. But there is also something that you may not know about Chris. As he would call it, “Being stuck with a curse of being partially color blind”… well, this allows him to see contrasts that normal people look over on a photo shoot. This allows him a unique perspective when capturing landscapes and nature scenes. He naturally uses light to make his photos jump off the canvas and gives him, and his students the ability to take images that can be converted into stunning black and white images.

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To see more of Chris' work, please visit his website at www.chrispepperphotography.com

David Topping

Professional Photographer, a great friend and one of our workshop and tour leaders

David Topping is a Toronto-based photographer, writer, and designer who is passionate about exploring the world around him, whether that means traveling to a remote destination or jumping in the car to visit a favorite location close to home

Always open to new opportunities and challenges in the pursuit of a compelling image, David finds inspiration for his photography in many places. With a love for the outdoors, David is naturally drawn to landscape and nature photography. Equally rewarding for David is portrait photography, where he enjoys connecting with his clients and capturing their personalities in the studio or during a candid moment on location. On his travels, he strives to capture evocative images of the places he visits and the people he meets.

As a workshop leader and instructor, David loves to teach and inspire. He draws on his background as a graphic designer and his talent as a photographer to help others discover their creative potential by learning to see the details that can turn a good photo into a great one.

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To See more of Davids work please visit his website at www.davidtopping.ca


Professional Photographer, a great friend and one of our workshop and tour leaders

Lisa Langell is an award-winning wildlife photographer with an international following. She is known for her signature wildlife images that artfully capture breathtaking, split-second moments. Her images evoke both a visual and emotional connection for the viewer, offering not just a photograph—but an intimate experience with nature.

Lisa’s images have earned recognition and awards from the National Wildlife Federation, North American Nature Photography Association, Professional Photographer’s Association, Arizona Wildlife Federation, Arizona Highways, Arizona State Parks, Photographer’s Adventure Club, and more.  Her work has been published in magazines that include Ranger Rick magazine, Arizona Wildlife Views, Phoenix Home & Garden, and more.  Her work has also been featured on The Sportsman Channel, the “Born to be Wild” TV series in the Philippines, several juried galleries and is permanently hung in numerous restaurants across several southeastern states within the US as part of a special collaborative project.

Lisa loves teaching workshops and photography classes from Arizona, Alaska, Canada and beyond. Her participants rely upon her knowledge, humor, sincerity and supportive approach as they progress in their own journeys as photographers.

In addition to her work as an artist, Lisa is also an educational psychologist and consultant in the US and Canada. Among many things, she helps schools engage in better practices to help children with learning disabilities.

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To see more of Lisa's work. Please visit www.LangellPhotography.com


Simon Bolyn

situated in Montreal, Quebec, Simon is a self-taught, award winning amateur avian photographer supportive of efforts to protect endangered species and their diminishing natural environments.  He has had many of his works published in print and online including Canadian Geographic, Nature Canada, Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Federation's Wild Magazine, Outdoor Photography Canada, and many others.  He also has international exposure including the National Audubon Society of America, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, BBC Online, among others.

Simon believes that study of a species over the course of a extended period of time is necessary to properly develop an understanding of an individual creatures traits, mannerisms and character.  This process helps him to choose how best to present a bird in his works, hoping that this brings a better understanding and appreciation for the environment we share.

Simon has worked as the National Photography Educator for a major Canadian electronics retailer, and was selected as a company representative for the Canadian Imaging Conference Tradeshow.   He has experience in the training, promotion, marketing and advertising side of the photography industry, and received training from Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and others in the use of their products.

He presently works on a contract basis for The Sherpa Group, an electronics distributor, as their Imaging Specialist aiding in the sale and education of industry leading brands such as Sigma, Manfrotto, Gitzo, and Sandisk.