The schedule is flexible and open for the entire month of June, July and August. You can reserve any one day, or multiple days that suites your schedule. This can be a private session or a group up to three.

For the single day retreat, you will arrive mid afternoon, prior to sunset. If you arrive early enough we can photograph the loons on their late day swim. We will then take advantage the southern sky and northern night sky and photograph the north star and milky way on your day of arrival.

You will stay at our home in the Kawartha's that night. The next morning just after sunrise we will board our photo boat and be on the lake looking for our resident Loons. Spend the morning on lake followed by other nature photography at our N49 base camp.

After lunch we will return to the lake to catch the Loons on their mid afternoon feeding on the lake. The session will end late afternoon.

These beautiful birds offer the avid photographer plenty of opportunity to photograph them in their natural habitat.

What you will learn:

Loons are not an easy bird to photograph. Between their fast movements and stark contrast in black and white plumage, capturing these majestic birds requires patience and proper positioning. We will help you get to the right spot at the right time to help you go home with the photos you wanted to achieve.

We will also teach you how to accomplish night photography techniques such as long exposures and image stacking for creating star trail photos. You will alsolearn how to take photos of the milky way and star trails where the light pollution is minimal, and then edit them in the digital darkroom.

Where You Will Stay

You will stay in our custom built home that is equipped with all the amenities of home, and more. At this location we have a boat to take you out on the water to take photos of the Loons and we have placed feeders around the property to attract various bird species, including, but not limited to blue jay, nuthatches, Verio, hummingbirds and cardinals. On the lake we also have blue heron, mergansers, Canada Geese, Pileated Woodpeckers, Barred Owls, Common Loon and Kingfishers.

Dates: Month of June, July and August

Price for a one evening, one day workshop session is $325CAD per day, per person plus HST. 

Workshops run Monday to Thursdays. Weekends can be discussed on request.

Maximum Amount of Attendees each day is three (3). We keep the numbers down to assure you will maximize your opportunities.

Includes: One night accommodation at our private home, all meals, transportation, snacks and beverages.

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