Welcome to our Composition Class page. On our Creative Composition workshops you will learn how to develop and enhance your photographic eye and start to create great images rather than just taking snaps.

The workshops are aimed at beginners and more advanced hobbyists alike, who are new to their camera or gear (whether a compact or DSLR) or  who are looking for an introduction or refresher in photography. Have you just purchased your first DSLR ? Your first full frame ? Let our professional resource workshop leaders assist you in  reaching a greater comfort level with your new equipment.

Your workshop will begin with a discussion on what makes "Good Composition".

  • Orientation and the rule of thirds
  • Leading lines, curves and S-bends
  • Framing and filling the frame
  • Perspective and depth of field
  • Colour and shapes

Below we have outlined when we will be running the 2014 Composition Workshops. If you are interested you should book your spot now as we are limiting the spots on each workshop to a maximum of 10 to 15 attendees, depending on the venue.


Lighting Composition Classes


pontiac hood ornament.jpg

Junk Yard Composition Classes

Workshop #1 is Saturday, February 6, 2016 and Sunday, February 7, 2016 is the rain date

Workshop #2 is Saturday, June 4, 2016 and Sunday, June 5, 2016 is the rain date.  6 am to 12pm editing 1-3

Workshop #3 is Saturday, October 22, 2016 and Sunday, October 23, 2016 is the rain date. 7 am to 1pm editing 2-4

Workshop Instructors: Chris Pepper

Introduction: We will be running three junk yard workshops in 2016. One in the winter, one in the spring and one in the fall. Please see all the details below, and contact us if you have any questions regarding these workshops.

The workshop is on a 50acre+ junkyard in farmers fields and contains thousands of vehicles from Edsel's to heavy equipment, seventies muscle cars and tractor trailers and RVs

Workshops are half day in the field and half day of editing

The cost of this workshop is $79 plus HST and limited to 15 people

fifty point.jpg

Fifty Point Composition Classes

May 7th, 4:45am to 7:30am (coffee chat followed after workshop)

Beautiful 50 point,  Together we will meet at 4:45 am to start photographing the black sky transition into the blue hour. This will be a creative period of our morning using long exposures to streak our clouds across our image or slow down the motion of a wavy surf. Once the sun kisses the horizon we will balance our exposures to create lasting memories of this commonly photographed landscape. Afterwards we will go have a coffee and discuss our morning shoot, what worked and what didn't so you are ready for your next sunrise all on your own.

Techniques learned: Long exposures, use of filters (must have own), balancing exposures, creative composition, how to meter properly.


Toronto Skyline Classes

July 9th, 4am to 7am

The Iconic Toronto Skyline, Join me for an early start to the day as we to photograph the night colors of the Toronto skyline. Together we will work through what a proper exposure should look like when photographing a skyline. The proper balance of highlights and shadows will create tones that bring your image to life. Composition techniques will set off your image to be the creative one in the group.

Techniques Learned: Long Exposures, use of filters (must have own) balancing exposures, creative composition, how to prepare yourself for night shooting.  


Fireworks Workshop



Puppy and Dog Photography Classes


twin eagles web.jpg

Raptor Photography Classes



Waterfall Photography Classes



christmas Lights Photography Classes



night sky and light painting Photography Classes


nova scotia.jpg

Golden Hour Photography Classes



Fall Fair Photography



Fall Colour Photography Classes


Notes on Classes

Not included are your entrance fees to any parks and your transportation to and from the workshop location. We will send you directions once you register for one of these workshops. These directions will come out one week in advance of the workshop.

A maximum of 15 participants are our maximum numbers for one of our Composition Workshops. This ensures quality instruction.

We will have at least one instructor for every eight people at each workshop to ensure quality instruction.


There are no refunds offered 30 days prior to the workshop. If you cancel and can find a replacement for yourself, that will be allowed if you notify us before the workshop.

Anyone cancelling longer than 30 days before the workshop. You will receive a refund less a $5 administration fee.

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