The Kawarthas  boasts fish-rich waters and an abundance of water fowl such as the Common Loon. Our destination, Lake Salerno continues to be home to migratory Loons that keep coming back year after year. These beautiful birds offer the avid photographer plenty of opportunity to photograph them in their natural habitat.

What you will learn: We will focus on planning for a successful shoot... from clothing, to gear, to positioning and planning techniques. We will also teach you how to use a multi flash set up for Hummingbird photography and night photography techniques such as long exposures and image stacking for creating star trail photos. Lastly, you will learn how to take photos of the milky way and star trails where the light pollution is minimal, and then edit them in the digital darkroom.

Dates: We are running three sessions. Session one is  July 17, 18, 19, 2015 and session two is July 24, 25, 26, 2015 and session three is June 6, 7, 8, 2015

Price for a Three Day workshop session is $495CDN. Some people have asked about staying for both sessions. If this interests you, please contact us and we will discuss details and multi weekend discounts.

Deposit Required to Secure Your spot is $495CDN

Maximum Amount of Attendees per workshop is four (4). Minimum amount of Attendees per workshop is two (2)

Includes:single accommodation, all meals, all drinks, use of our flashes for both Canon and Nikon shooters.

Not Included: Items of personal nature, travelers insurance

The numbers of Loons that we track every year total a minimum of four mating pairs on each of the local lakes. And the young is hatched at the end of June or beginning of July every year. We have timed their patterns and have identified their nests to ensure that we get you to the right spot, at the right time to achieve the best photography opportunities under the best light.

We also offer you a very stable boat that is ideal for Loon photography. The boat offers 4 comfortable seats designed for low angle photography. The boat has a quiet outboard motor that will get us to our destination quickly. When we arrive we will get you in close to the loons & offer you up close photo opportunities that you won’t get on your own because the lake is lined entirely with private properties.


We will meet at dinner on day one at a predetermined location and take you to our secluded private home along the lake.

We will arrive at our private house before dinner. We will have a home cooked welcome dinner and get the chance to understand everyone’s expectations and skill level. After dinner we will give you a slide show of the locations and birds we will be photographing and discuss tips on how to acquire better photos immediately.

At night on day one we will head down to the water’s edge in the hopes of seeing the daily migration of the local Loons down the lake with young perched on mothers backs. Anyone bringing a 500mm or 600mm lens will be able to comfortably shoot the loons from the dock in front of our cottage that night... but we will get you closer over the next few days.

On day two we will be on the water for the early morning light and by lunch we will return in order to rest and have some breakfast. We will then head out and photograph other local sights such as the resident Herons, beavers and enticing landscape photos, or maybe some action photography at the Olympic Kayak run in Minden.

For those that wish, we will also take some time to go through your images on the computer in the afternoon.

We will also take time to discuss tomorrows hummingbird shoot from the comfort of our set up right off the deck. You will be instructed how to use a multi flash set up that we will have prepared for you.

We will all then gather for more loon photography later in the day for golden light on the loons after a good home cooked dinner.

On day three we will once again get out on the water to follow the Loons for their morning migration in the local bays.

We will split the group up on day three so half the group can photograph Loons while the other group sets up to photograph all the hummingbirds that make this area home in the summer.

We will have Hummingbird set-ups, including back drops so that you can capture these amazing birds as they zip around the property under the cedar tree canopies.

When will then rotate part way through the morning so that all participants can have the opportunity to photograph both the Loons and the Hummingbirds.

We will then all return to the cottage we will then open up our laptops and discuss editing techniques to achieve sharper images, composition from cropping and introduce you to some techniques we use to create more appealing images before you depart for home on the Sunday afternoon.

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